Login is a universal authentication for configuration your WiFi wireless router. This configuration can also be used for devices like Router, Modem etc. and they are all having the initial IP address- by default. But most of the time there has been a case, that default IP address is showing an error to configure. Thus here with the help of, we will guide you to successfully accessing into the Router

The main function of the 192.168.o.1 Login IP address is to, enter into the setting of your WiFi Router and make changes in the Password. If you have not configured the setting and enable seamless authentication, then this might show error in connecting your WiFi. So let us now get into the tutorials for accessing into your WiFi Router and set your passwords.

How to access with IP address to configure WiFi Router

Got a new WiFi Router Device in your Home. And now you are having trouble with changing the password of your private WiFi network. So using this IP address Admin Login. Now let us look into the tutorials below to access this IP address to make changes in your WiFi Router.

Steps are:

  • Connect your PC to the Router, and open your internet browser on your PC (Chrome or Firefox).
  • Next, enter the IP address into your URL bar and press enter to continue.
  • Now this will redirect you to the login web page.
  • Here you have to enter, the default username and password.
  • This will allow you to access into the setting of your Router device. Now you are free to configure all the required elements like Username and password.
  • Finally, you can choose your favorite password to your Router.

Note: Make sure you change the password which is quite secured to prevent data theft. Well, there can also issue with connection. So we have some of the easy processes to troubleshoot the problems.

How to Troubleshoot IP Address not working?

Well, there is also an issue with the IP address for not working. This may indicate the following matter:

  • You first should check whether the IP address of your router is properly entered or not.
  • Check whether the URL contains https:// before the IP address.
  • You can also troubleshoot the connection issue using the firewall windows own troubleshooter features.
  • Before configuring while connecting the router and PC you used the wired cable, here you must check if the connection is properly done or not.
  • After all the fixing is done then you should try to reset your router.
  • You may also reset your computer and start the accessing process shown above again.

Note: Well, this is some of the important details which you must look into it to troubleshoot the problems.


So these are some of the important processes by which you can easily use the Login. Even though most of the users may prefer the default password and username. But having your own personal private password will create safe WiFi connection for your Router to prevent unwanted access in public.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. For more interesting facts and tricks keep visiting our site to know more.

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