Hostages (Season 1 and 2) – WiKi, Cast, Review, Episodes, Release Date

Hostages is an Indian crime thriller web television series directed by Sudhir Mishra. It is an official adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name. The series is streaming in seven Indian languages on Hotstar and stars Tisca Chopra, Ronit Roy, Parvin Dabas, Aashim Gulati and Mohan Kapoor. The series has been renewed for a second season which premiered on 9 September 2020 and directed by Sachin Krishn. The series was also broadcast on Star Plus in April 2020. It is dubbed and made available in Telugu version.

Web Series Hostages
Genre Mystery – Crime – Thriller
Writer Nisarg Mehta,

Shiva Bajpai,

Mayukh Ghosh

Director Sudhir Mishra (Season 1),

Sachin Krishn (Season 2)

Cast Ronit Roy as SP Prithvi Singh IPS,

Tisca Chopra as Dr. Mira Anand (Season 1),

Parvin Dabas as Sanjay Anand (Season 1),

Aashim Gulati as Aman,

Mohan Kapur as Subramanian,

Dalip Tahil as CM Khushwant Lal Handa,

Anangsha Biswas as Hyma,

Shri Swara Dubey as Saba, Prithvi’s wife,

Meenal Kapoor as Sneha (Head Nurse),

Amit Sial as Peter George (Morgue Incharge),

Faezah Jalali as Sarah George,

Sharad Joshi as Shovan Anand (Season 1),

Malhaar Rathod as Shaina Anand (Season 1),

Anuranjan Awasthi as Aditya Sinha (Season 1),

Surya Sharma as Prince,

Kanwaljit Singh as Karnail Singh, head of ATS (Season 2),

Divya Dutta as Ayesha Khan (Season 2),

Sachin Khurana as DSP Ashwini Dutt,

Dino Morea as Ranbir (Season 2),

Shibani Dandekar as Isha Andrews (Season 2),

Asif Basra as Asghar Nabi (Season 2),

Shweta Basu Prasad as Shikha Pandey (Season 2),

Danish Sood as Rohan, Shikha’s friend and colleague (Season 2),

Shilpa Shukla as Shanaya Sahni (Season 2),

Danish Kalra as a sniper,

Himanshi Choudhry as Kanika Arora, Journalist (season 2),

Manish Uppal as Naveen Khatana,

Parag Gupta as Bunty,

Kashish Arora as Girl Hostage,

Danish Kalra as Dr. Shastri,

Harish Khatri as Dr. Hingoorani,

Dalip Gulati as Doctor 1,

Shahnawaz Pradhan as Shukla,

Yusuf Hussain as Dr. Ali,

Pratik Parihar as Sniper Commando,

Richa Goswami as Avantika (CM’S Secretary),

Saajan Malhotra as Rakesh (CM Security Guard 1),

Dayaram Yadav as CM Security Guard 2,

Sumit Yadav as Arms Dealer,

Bhavesh Babani as Sameer Kapoor,

Palak Sindhwani as Min (Shovan’S Crush),

Ritu as Mishra Lata (Maid),

Manu Malik as Mahesh (Neighbour),

Akanksha Khatri

Music Composer Karel Antonin
Language Hindi, Tellugu
Producers Rohit Philip,

Sameer Rajendran,

Sameer Nair,

Deepak Dhar,

Deepak Segal

Production Companies Applause Entertainment,

Banijay Asia

Distribution The Walt Disney Company India
Network Disney+ Hotstar
Release Date 31 May 2019 (Season 1),

9 September 2020 (Season 2)

Season 1:

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “Threat” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
A night before the operation of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Dr. Mira Anand, his surgeon, is held hostage along with her family by three masked men.
2 “Sabotage” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
It’s not a usual day at the hospital. While the clock is ticking, she desperately searches for a way to buy time. It is revealed that the kidnappers have a fourth team member.
3 “Complications” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
At work, Mira has to deal with her old mentor’s suspicion. Meanwhile, an angry neighbor shows up at the house.
4 “Gatecrasher” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
A new challenge presents itself and Prithvi must tie up the loose ends. As Mira and Sanjay debate over her kids’ safety, an unannounced visitor arrives.
5 “Falling Apart” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
As Mira struggles to help a wounded Sanjay, Prithvi takes a gamble to save the day. Meanwhile, suspicion creeps into the kidnappers’ team.
6 “Pieces of the Puzzle” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
A sudden order to be present at the station leaves Prithvi concerned. On her way to the hospital, Mira begins to penetrate Prithvi’s identity.
7 “Betrayal” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
Mira doesn’t know whom to trust, especially after she discovers the truth about Sanjay. Meanwhile, Aditya (Shaina’s boyfriend) hatches a plan to escape with Shovan and Shaina, with help from Mira.
8 “Escape” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
Prince and Aman chase Aditya and the kids into the jungle. Aditya meets with an accident and the kids are separated. Shaina calls the number provided by Mira earlier and reaches Subramaniam, the CM’s Chief of Security. At home, Sanjay does the unthinkable.
9 “Endgame” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
Piecing together the clues, Mira is now following a new person. Elsewhere, Sanjay and Shovan take a risk to escape while Prithvi and Subramaniam end up in a clash after it is revealed that Subramaniam had recruited Prithvi.
10 “A Matter of Choice” Sudhir Mishra Nisarg Mehta 31 May 2019
Prithvi has to contend with a mutiny from his crew, while Mira manages to turn the game around. Soon, she is faced with another choice, the one which was presented to her at the very beginning of the story.

Season 2:

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “From frying pan to the fire” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
After kidnapping Handa, Prithvi and his team are off to Nepal. However plans go awry when Handa escapes, Saba’s health worsens and Subramaniam finds them.
2 “No Visual” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
With cops and reporters swarming the abandoned mansion, Prithvi scrambles for time. Ayesha Khan brought in as hostage negotiator, establishes a communication line.
3 “The trade off” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
Prithvi is forced to make a tough decision and demands the release of a Tihar Jail inmate, Ashgar Nabi, who’s a former surgeon. But Ayesha has a card up her sleeve.
4 “Caught off guard” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
While Prithvi helps Ashgar setup for the bone marrow transplant, Desai gets an unwelcome guest. Elsewhere Shikha smells a rat in a so-called open-and-shut case.
5 “Plan B” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
With Ashgar completing his task, Prithvi plans an exit strategy. On the other side, Shikha pays the price for going against orders. Later Handa and Saba form a bond.
6 “Cat and Mouse” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
When Sarah helps Prithvi, she catches unwanted attention. Meanwhile, Kanika meets an unexpected informant and Shikha comes across some crucial evidence.
7 “Sneak in, Sneak out” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
As Peter begins to crack under the hostage crisis, an intruder breaks into Sarah’s house. On the other end, Shikha and Rohan decide to spy on Isha Andrews.
8 “Beginning of the end” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
The situation worsens when Prithvi receives a heart-stopping phone call about his daughter. Meanwhile, Handa tries to manipulate Peter into helping him.
9 “Connecting the Dots” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
A mysterious journalist, Arjun Bhasin, arrives to cover CM Handa’s funeral. Back at the mansion, Handa sheds light on his questionable deals and Ayesha keeps a close eye on Dutt.
10 “Old Friends reveal themselves” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
As Prithvi reconnects with his old comrade, he plans to outwit Ranbir. On the other end, Arjun has an interesting encounter with a political extremist.
11 “Inching Closer” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
When Aman and Saba struggle to escape, Prithvi joins Dutt to clear out the mansion. Rohan finds a critical lead as the conspiracy unravels more.
12 “Against the clock” Sachin Krishn Nisarg Mehta 9 September 2020
It’s a race against time for Prithvi to save his daughter. Ayesha finds something amiss and goes with her gut feeling, and Shikha finally puts it all together.




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