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Livin’ is an Indian coming-of-age comedy web series from Madras Central. It is produced by Lakshmipathi, Gautham Swaminathan and B.S.Radhakrishnan under the company Kavi Puvi Viamedia Pvt. Ltd. The show revolves around three central characters Harish, Haritha and Sam. It tries to capture an eventful phase in their lives through 13 episodes.

Web Series Livin
Genre Comedy, Romance
Created by & Written by Prabhuram Vyas
Executive producer B.S.Radhakrishnan
Producers Lakshmipathi (aka),


Gawtham Swaminathan,


Cinematography Vedaraman
Editor Viplav Nyshadam
Production company Madras Central
Original network YouTube
Original release 4 December 2017 – 20 December 2017
Cast Kanna Ravi as Harish,

Amrutha Srinivasan as Haritha,

Naveen George Thomas as Swami alias Sam,

Abhishek as Sidharth,

Prasanth Oliver as Eddy,

Ganpathy as Moorthy,

Sheela Rajkumar as Thaen


Season 1:

Episode Title Directed by


Written by

1 “Space Wars” Prabhuram Vyas Harish and Haritha take the big step and move in together. The battle for space begins. And where will poor Sam go?
2 “Thaen Unchained” Prabhuram Vyas Haritha decides to accompany Harish to one of his pre-wedding photo shoots. Senthil and Thaen, bride and groom, appear happy and relaxed until…
3 “Everybody Loves Bread Upm” Prabhuram Vyas As Harish is adopting new survival techniques, the house owner shows up and drama ensues.At the end of the day, who’s gonna put food on the table?
4 “New Ho In Da House” Prabhuram Vyas Harish is terrified at the prospect of his sister, Vidhya, paying him a visit & discovering his live-in-relationship with Haritha. She,on the other hand, remains her chill self.In other news, Sam’s got a new girlfriend.
5 “Spirit From The Past” Prabhuram Vyas Harish, Haritha and Sam get together for a night of watching movies. Do their sensibilities match? Later on, over a drunken game of spin-the-bottle, some old ghosts are revisited.
6 “Heart to Heart” Prabhuram Vyas Haritha & Sam bond over a cup of coffee and discuss the spirit from Harish’s past. Meanwhile, Harish has a chat with IRIS and finds her surprisingly human.
7 “Daddy Cool” Prabhuram Vyas Haritha’s dad is in town on work, spends a day in the house while Harish tries a bit too hard to impress him, which amuses Haritha.
8 “Double-Date” Prabhuram Vyas Haritha and Harish meet up with the landlord, Manohar, and his wife, Sudha, for dinner. Sam is present too, keeping things… in Sam-territory. Haritha, on the other hand, brings up Harish’s Ex’Girlfriend more than once, letting it be known that she’s ok with it. Is she really?.
9 “Making Amends” Prabhuram Vyas As Haritha and Harish try to make amends with each other, unexpected visitors keep dropping in. In other news, Sam’s gotten IRIS on his phone.
10 “Homecoming” Prabhuram Vyas Sam is homeless again. He roams around to find a place for himself. Harish is in the midst of a crisis in his career. They are at crossroads.
11 “Where’s bea” Prabhuram Vyas Haritha wakes up by finding harish is missing and calls for his sister. Harish mother and sister arrives to their home.
12 “Return Of The Jedi” Prabhuram Vyas Harish is finally back from his exile.. only to find that all hell has broken loose!
13 “Coming of Age” Prabhuram Vyas Harish and Haritha face a conundrum in their relationship.They’re trying to make the right decision. Sam comes to terms with reality.

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