Mirzapur (Season 1, 2 and 3) – WiKi, Cast, Review, Episodes, Release Date

Mirzapur is an action crime thriller web television series on Amazon Prime Video produced by Excel Entertainment. The series is primarily shot in Mirzapur, with some shots in Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Ghazipur, Lucknow, Raebareli, Gorakhpur and Varanasi. It revolves around drugs, guns, murders and lawlessness. It depicts the putrescence, governance and rule of mafia dons and the rivalry and crime prevailing in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.

In the second season, the series stars Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Rasika Dugal, Harshita Gaur, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Vijay Varma, Isha Talwar, Lilliput and Neha Sargam. The series was announced for a third season on 12 November, 2020 by Amazon Prime.

Web Series Mirzapur
Genre Crime – Thriller – Action
Creator Karan Anshuman,

Puneet Krishna

Director Karan Anshuman,

Gurmmeet Singh,

Mihir Desai

Producers Ritesh Sidhwani,

Farhan Akhtar,

Bhaumik Gondaliya

Production Company Excel Entertainment
Network Amazon
Release Date 16 November 2018


Character Portrayed by Season 1—3
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Vinay ‘Bablu’ Pandit Vikrant Massey Main
Govind ‘Guddu’ Pandit Ali Fazal Main Main
Swaragini ‘Sweety’ Gupta Shriya Pilgaonkar Main
Akhandanand Tripathi/Akhanda/Lalla/Kaleen Bhaiyya[clarification needed] Pankaj Tripathi Main Main
Satyanand Tripathi/Bauji Kulbhushan Kharbanda Main Main
Devdatt Tyagi aka ‘Dadda’ Lilliput Main Main
Beena Tripathi Rasika Dugal Main Main
Phoolchand ‘Munna’Tripathi Divyendu Sharma Main Main
Gajgamini ‘Golu’ Gupta Shweta Tripathi Sharma Main Main
Madhuri Yadav Tripathi Isha Talwar Main Main
Bharat Tyagi and Shatrughan Tyagi Vijay Varma Main Main

Season 1 (2018):

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “Jhandu” Karan Anshuman and Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Akhandanand Tripathi AKA Kaleen Bhaiya, the uncrowned king of Mirzapur, runs a drugs and arms business, under the guise of a carpet manufacturing company. One night, his son Phoolchand AKA Munna Bhaiya, accidentally kills a groom with celebratory gunfire while dancing at his wedding. Kaleen has a much younger wife, Beena, who he continually fails to satisfy in bed. The family of the dead groom hires Ramakant Pandit, a fearless and idealist lawyer. Ramakant has 3 kids; Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy. They study in the same college as Munna. Guddu has a crush on Dimpy’s close friend Sweety, but he’s too scared to ask her out. SP Parshuram informs Kaleen that his old rival Rati Shankar might be returning to Mirzapur and also about Munna’s blunder. Kaleen tells his son to clean up his own mess. Munna goes to the lawyer’s house to threaten him into rejecting the case. When Ramakant refuses to comply, Munna pulls a gun on him. This leads to a scuffle in which Ramakant and his family manage to beat up Munna and his goons. Kaleen decides to step in and he summons Ramakant’s sons, who are dreading what the kingpin has in store for them.
2 “Gooda” Gurmmeet Singh and Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Kaleen is impressed by the fact that the Pandit brothers thrashed Munna despite knowing that he is Kaleen’s son. He decides to offer them a job, shocking the brothers and Munna. After much pondering, they agree to work for Kaleen. Munna is angry with his father for not punishing Guddu and Bablu. They are given a bike and a pair of pistols. They are also told to talk their father into refusing the case. Pandit refuses to listen to his sons and asks them to leave. It is revealed that Sweety has a nerdy sister, Golu, and that their father is a corrupt cop who takes bribes from Kaleen. Munna is interested in Sweety, who refuses him constantly, despite his friend’s threats and jibes. Guddu and Bablu force the dead groom’s father to withdraw the case. Initially, they refuse, but when Guddu hangs the brother in law from balcony, he agrees to withdraw the case. Rati Shankar, an old rival of Tripathi, sends a man to kill Munna. Munna survives and kills the man. Rati’s son Sharad suggests his father to take revenge when Tripathi isn’t at Mirzapur.
3 “Wafadar” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
A generation-old rivalry between Kaleen Bhaiya, his father and Rati Shankar is rekindled. Sharad refuses to join his father Rati Shankar’s business. J.P. Yadav demands election funds from Kaleen Bhaiya so he meets Lala to ask for extra supply of resham (opium) and on the way back gets ambushed by Rati Shankar’s assassins. He captures two of the assassins and questions them. He gets to know Rati Shankar is targeting his family. Kaleen Bhaiya/Tripathi gives control of his gun ring to Guddu and Bablu asking them to expand it. Tripathi’s wife, Beena, has sex with someone other than Tripathi.
4 “Virginity” Gurmmeet Singh and Karan Anshuman Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Beena has sex with the house servant, Raja. The principal of the college asks Golu to stand for the upcoming college elections as Munna is very violent. After refusing Munna’s approaches, Sweety asks Guddu out on a date. Munna gets Guddu steroids for body building through the compounder, who is loyal to Munna. After Munna expresses that he wishes to take over Mirzapur as soon as his father lets him. The compounder offers to even kill Tripathi. Although, Munna is initially angry, he considers it. Guddu and Bablu kill for the first time (a reference to the title).
5 “Bhaukaal” Karan Anshuman and Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Munna takes a cut in an opium deal without his father’s consent. Guddu and Bablu hatch an ambitious plan to increase the gun trade, but for this, both the cops and criminals of Mirzapur must cooperate. Guddu tells Sweety that he is a gangster. Lawyer Pandit writes frequent letters to the chief minister regarding the matters at Mirzapur. Guddu and Bablu sell drugs through eunuchs. Violence in the city shoots up and the gun sales also increase impressing Tripathi. The state capital sends a SSP Maurya to Mirzapur to control the violence.
6 “Barfi” Gurmmeet Singh and Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
A meet up of the mafia heads of Purvanchal (Kaleen Bhaiya, Rati Shankar and others) and their political patron (J.P. Yadav) masquerading as a Holi Party ends up in a fracas which threatens to transform all equations. J.P. Yadav, feeling insulted at the hands of Kaleen and Munna Bhaiya, offers to help Rati Shankar gain control of Mirzapur if he can provide him with funds for elections.
7 “Lions of Mirzapur” Gurmmeet Singh and Karan Anshuman Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Maurya’s special team, composed of honest officers, ambush Guddu and Bablu, but they escape. Kaleen Bhaiya, instructs both of them to go underground for a while. Compounder shows his true friendship to Munna by trying to kill Tripathi when Munna asked him but he fails. When Kaleen Bhaiya confront Munna, he kills Compounder, without his wish, in front of his father so that the latter does not discover his lies. He feels sad and depressed for some days.
8 “Tandav” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Guddu and Bablu go to Jaunpur to meet a party. The party reveals to be Shukla, the enemy of Tripathi. He asks the boys to join him. After refusing, a fight begins where Guddu shoots Shukla. This news goes to the ears of Tripathi who becomes furious that the boys did not consult to him before shooting. Meanwhile, Guddu marries Sweety and the day after the wedding, takes part in bodybuilding competition. Maurya arrest the eunuchs for selling drugs. Munna then tries to frame Guddu for the attack on his father. Tripathi thus causes Guddu to lose the competition. Guddu becomes aggressive on stage. Tripathi hands over a gun to Munna, Munna then says that now it’s time for “Tandav” and he will rule as from now.
9 “Yogya” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna and Karan Anshuman 16 November 2018
Golu wins the election. The family goes to Dimpy’s friend wedding, who turns out to be Lala’s daughter. Sweety is pregnant and Guddu shows side effects because of steroids intake. Munna, on pretext of wanting to congratulate Golu, finds out through the principal that Golu is gone to Gorakhpur for the wedding. On the other hand, police beats the eunuchs to disclose who the brothers work for. Parsuram informs Kaleen Bhaiya about Maurya interrogating the eunuchs. Kaleen Bhaiya cryptically remarks to Maqbool that fear in the minds of the people is diminishing and needs to be replenished. Munna hijacks the wedding and kills the groom, Sweety and Bablu while injuring Golu and Guddu. Tripathi’s father gets to know about Beena and Raja’s affair and blackmails Beena to have sex with him and later to cut Raja’s penis off. Guddu instructs Golu how to use a gun and tells her to shoot Munna, she misses it but the bride’s father’s bodyguards aim at Munna. People manage to run from the wedding place, including Golu, Guddu and Dimpy. Tripathi kills the last member of Maurya’s team in front of him and reminds him of his place. In the ending scene, Munna is shown to take his gun to fight back; Beena looks for a gun; Sharad is shown shaving his head and remembering that his father wanted Mirzapur. The season ends in a cliffhanger.

Season 2 (2020):

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “Dhenkul” Mihir Desai and Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Munna and Guddu have nightmares of being killed by each other. The Chief Minister reprimands his brother JP Yadav for the wedding massacre. Dimpy, Golu and Guddu have gone underground in a guesthouse in the middle of jungles. They battle a policeman and his aides, who wishes to kill Guddu and earn his reward from Kaleen Bhaiya and Golu stabs the policeman to death. JP Yadav wants to punish Munna for the wedding massacre by putting him behind bars and gives Kaleen Bhaiya 24 hours to hand him over. Shaken by Sweety’s death, Parsuram ask Maurya for help, but Maurya says that he has lost his courage. Bauji stalks an unwell Beena. Lala bides his time with Yousuf, who urges him to take revenge. Sharad becomes the Don of Jaunpur, and Kaleen Bhaiya worries he might attack any moment.
2 “Khargosh” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Guddu and Golu get initial help from an ambulance driver and leave the guesthouse. Later, they get assistance from Babur to get supplies for guns and ammunition, who happens to be Maqbool’s nephew. Kaleen bhaiya skips JP and goes directly to the CM, where he sacrifices Lalit as the ‘khargosh’ (rabbit, a sacrificial animal) for the killings done in the wedding by Munna so that the police can show that they caught and eliminated the perpetrators. Munna gatecrashes Rati Shankar’s prayer ceremony and asks Sharad to hand over Jaunpur. Sharad declares the old enmity over and says that as the new generation they start a new relationship and swears loyalty to Munna by killing Yousuf in front him, who wanted to kill Munna. Golu, Guddu and Dimpy visit their families in Mirzapur. Kaleen bhaiya puts Maurya on his payroll to allow the uncontrolled flow of kattas (homemade illegal Guns).
3 “Viklaang Quota” Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Akhanda consults a doctor about his issues in bed. Dimpy asks Shabnam to let Guddu talk to Lala once, and they later pair up as Guddu promises profit to trade of Lala in return for his help. Guddu gets people to sell opium without informing Kaleen Bhaiya, thereby cutting him off. Beena announces her pregnancy, lying to Bauji that it’s his child. Dimpy is off to Lucknow, in her hostel Guddu bhaiya meets Robin, and decides invests his money with Robin, who he meets in Lucknow. Dimpy gives Bablu’s diary to Golu. Munna arranges an attack at Lala’s but Guddu deals with it, sending back the attacker’s teeth with his “resignation” letter to the Tripathi’s. The doctor gives Kaleen Bhaiyas report, which says he has low sperm count, to Beena. Ramakant tries, in vain, to find a witness from the wedding who will testify against Munna.
4 “Bhaymukt” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
For the first time, Golu and Guddu grieve over the death of their family. Beena manipulates Bauji and gets Raja back into the house. Munna begins the rallies with the widowed daughter of the CM, Madhuri for a crime-free (Bhaymukt) Purvanchal. The pair later gets high together. Guddu slowly gets back to full health. Beena tells Raja that her child is his. Guddu finds Robin in Dimpy’s room where he claims to be helping her with studies. Golu meets a Bihari, Shatrughan Tyagi when she goes to Robin for investing the money. Kaleen bhaiya finds out about Guddu’s opium distribution. A meeting with the opium distributors is called and Sharad convinces Kaleen Bhaiya to take a cut of the profits from the distributors instead of the usual middleman cut. Sharad Shukla and Munna share a bottle of wine, and in excitement, decide to capture Guddu. Sharad, posing as a buyer, sets up a meeting with Guddu which results into a barroom brawl between Sharad, Munna and Guddu and they escape with small injuries.
5 “Langda” Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Kaleen bhaiya is furious at Munna and Sharad. Munna informs Maqbool that Babar is working for Guddu. Munna connects the Tripathi’s with the Tyagi family. Beena visits her maternal home but sees Guddu and Golu. The three begin to work together to bring the Tripathi’s down. The viewers are introduced to the Tyagi family. Munna hooks up with Madhuri. Golu learns about the Tripathi’s families internal issues from Bablu’s diary which is later confirmed by Beena. Guddu is winning the hearts of the rural people by trashing criminals. Golu asks Robin to connect her with Shatrughan Tyagi. Shabnam goes on a date with Guddu. Maqbool takes care of Babur for his betrayal. Beena informs Guddu and Golu that all the Tripathi men and most of their security are away at the final election rally and Guddu and Golu enter Mirzapur under the cover of darkness.
6 “Ankush” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Guddu and Golu destroy the Tripathi’s gun factory. Kaleen bhaiya turns the destroyed factory into a selling point for the CM’s crime-free UP campaign. Robin tries to get closer to Dimpy. Kaleen bhaiya convinces Munna to get married to Madhuri. Mrs Pandit is concerned about Dimpy and they both share the grief of Bablu’s death. Ramakant finds a witness to the wedding massacre and also an ally in his fight, Mr Maruya, who gets close to Tripathi’s so they don’t harm him and his family. Raja, under the order of Beena, finds Babar tied up at Maqbools place and sets him free. Guddu wants to get govt. allotted Poppy fields to have an independent supply of opium , collaborates with JP, who is mad at his brother for getting close to Akhanda and wants to be CM. Munna and Madhuri get married and on the wedding night, Munna tells Madhuri that he doesn’t want her and that the marriage is just for namesake. Madhuri tells him that if there is no love, there won’t be any sex. CM wins the election and appoints Kaleen Bhaiya as Commerce and Industry minister, much to protest of JP.

Guddu and Golu meet with Tyagi family but Dadda Tyagi refuses to deal in drugs, although Shatrughan was interested.

7 “Ood Bilaav” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Guddu and Golu convince Shatrughan to sell opium in Siwan without Dadda’s permission. Whereas Sharad and Munna finalize the gun deal with Bharat. Guddu’s attempt to become the Don of Balia leads to collateral damage. Sharad and JP plan a coup. Munna argues with Kaleen bhaiya for the throne of Mirzapur. Dadda tyagi found opium in his town and tries to figure out the culprit. Shabnam and Guddu grew closer so as Robin and Dimpy. On the other hand while returning from the office, CM met with an accident. Guddu founds that the doctor is killed by the local goon.
8 “Chauchak” Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
After the CM’s death, JP becomes the new CM. Munna comforts Madhuri. Maurya figures out Sharad’s involvement in the CM’s death and tries to blackmail him but failed. PA Anand tells Madhuri JP’s involvement in CM’s death. And Kaleen bhaiya plans to take down JP as he’s not going to support him. JP gives the police the go-ahead to take down Munna. Maurya and Ramakant protect their witness. Guddu and Golu plan, with Beena, to take Mirzapur once Munna is arrested. JP’s night of debauchery with his PA Zarina leads to his downfall. which throws a spanner in everyone’s plans.
9 “Butterscotch” Mihir Desai Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Beena gives birth to a boy and is worried about the safety of the child. It was revealed that Zarina and Kaleen bhaiya planned the downfall of JP with certain conditions. Madhuri becomes the CM and thrashes Kaleen bhaiya’s plans as she already found the true colors of him. Lala is unhappy with Guddu’s closeness to Shabnam. After seeing Guddu and Shabnam in an intimate moment, Golu has rough sex with Shatrughan. Munna disposes of Ramakants witness. Maurya is frustrated with constant setbacks and decides to meet with the IG. Robin meets Ramakant who blesses his union with Dimpy with certain conditions. Munna shoots Babar in his own house and commits a major blunder by killing Maqbool’s mother in the process. Kaleen bhaiya and Bauji confronts Maqbool at his mother’s funeral. Finally Maqbool seeks revenge from the Tripathis.
10 “King of Mirzapur” Gurmmeet Singh Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna 23 October 2020
Maqbool holds Bauji at the gunpoint. Beena seeks the opportunity and extracts her revenge by killing Bauji. Munna’s newfound power through Madhuri leads him to make a drastic confrontation with Akhandanand. Daddas meeting with Mama, Shatrughan and Bharat ends in a bloodbath, When Dadda orders Bharat to finish Golu off. Maurya and Ramakant arrests Guddu where Maurya tricks Ramakant to encounter a defenceless Guddu. Ramakant has no choice to shoot Maurya and confront his own beliefs.

Raja attacks Munna and falsely revealed that it was Kaleen bhaiya who sent to kill him. Munna informed Sharad that he’s going to kill Kaleen bhaiya. Sharad looks to bring his plan to a conclusion. Guddu and Golu attacks Kaleen and Munna at the cremation ground while Sharad is watching. Guddu and Golu kills Munna and Badly wounded Kaleen bhaiya. While Guddu fights with Sharad’s men, Sharad escapes with Kaleen bhaiya. In the post credits it was seen that actually it was Shatrughan who is alive and poses as Bharat. And Guddu finally sits on the throne of Mirzapur.



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