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The Devil Punisher is a 2020 Taiwanese time travel and supernatural series. It stars Mike He, Ivy Shao, Amanda Chou, Johnny Yang, Anson Chen, Jane Cheng and Roy Chang as the main cast. It is the second collaboration between Sanlih E-Television and Netflix, and is also the channel’s flagship drama for the year. The drama is one of the 107 television shows that received 23 million New Taiwan dollars’ worth of grants from the government. Filming commenced on 20 February 2020 and wrapped on 12 July 2020. It was first broadcast on 25 October 2020.

Web Series The Devil Punisher
Genre Supernatural – Time Travel – Romance
Created by Sanlih E-Television,


Written by Kimi Lin,

Chen Jingwen,

Fan Yun-Chieh,

Huang Yunbei

Directed by Zhang Jinrong,

Chen Ronghui

Cast Mike He,

Ivy Shao,

Amanda Chou,

Johnny Yang,

Anson Chen,

Jane Cheng,

Roy Chang,

Chen Bor-jeng,

Dewi Chien,

Tan Ai-chen,

Yin Chao-te,

Peter Kuan,

Sing Hom,

Hank Wang,

Akio Chen,

Ed Chan,

Wu Ting-Chien,

Da Fei,

Chang Han,

Vicky Tseng,

Yu Yanchen,

Hsieh Chi-Wen,

King Liu,

Chang Chien,

Pipi Yao,

Lyan Cheng,

Kelly Ko,

Ally Chiu,

Chang Kuo-tung,

Daniel Chen,

Kurt Chou,

Ivelyn Lee,

Louis Lin,

Kingone Wang

Country of origin Taiwan
Original language Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Producer Chen Muhan
Running time 90 minutes
Original network TTV Main Channel,


SET Metro

Picture format HDTV
First shown in Taiwan
Original release 25 October 2020 – 14 March 2021



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